Activists working on high impact, non-partisan projects with ripple-effect potential.

Our 2024 focus: helping high school students to register and vote.


Our Organizing Principle

Every citizen has an inherent, inalienable right to help choose their government.

We champion voting as a human right of all citizens, not as a conditional legal right that may be restricted for punitive, geographic, or other reasons.  This is the only way that true voting equality can be achieved.  

Our Mission

100% Citizen Eligibility, 100% Registration.

We teach citizens what fair voting looks like; work to help more citizens become eligible to vote, and create projects that achieve lasting gains in registration.  Our projects focus in three major areas:

    • felony rights restoration
    • automatic voter registration
    • large-scale, high school voter readiness education.

The Largest Generation Project: expanding high school voter readiness education.

How Our Group Operates

We expand the pool of civic activists, by recruiting and training Americans who have no experience to advocate for fair voting.  They can be staunchly partisan, disaffected with party partsanship, or completely apolitical: our only ask is that they want to work to caretake our democracy.

We create a non-partisan environment, welcoming any pro-voting member who is inalignment with our values, principles and mission.

We look for gaps, prioritizing local and state-level efforts that can have a larger, nationwide impact. 

We connect disciplines, by collaborating with teachers, education professors, election officials, voter protection specialists, data visualization professionals, digital engagement specialists, and election officials.

Imagine With Us…

a nation that affirms every citizen’s right to vote, and prepares every young voter to participate.

In the preamble to our Constitution, Thomas Jefferson wrote that governments derive their just power from the consent of the governed.  All citizens are governed!  That’s why just elections enable ALL citizens to vote.