Every U.S. citizen deserves to live in a democracy. If you can’t vote, you don’t.

50 million American citizens can’t vote—because of where they live, because they have a felony conviction in their past, because legal or illegal barriers to the polls, because they can’t afford ID, because they’ve been purged from the rolls, or because misinformation has led them to believe they aren’t eligible. Given that 40% of America votes on machines whose counts can’t be verified, we don’t know how many voters who cast a ballot are counted.

Lift Every Vote volunteers work on biggest-bang-for-the-buck voting policy reforms. Our criteria for projects we organize: they have a clear path to victory, impact the most voters; have strong, ripple-effect potential; and involve work average activists can pursue.

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About Lift Every Vote

Voting is a complex field, legislated and operated at federal, state, county and precinct level. We break it down, helping activists and average citizens to prioritize, strategize, plan, and execute effective voting advocacy.

Our goals: 100% citizen eligibility, 100% participation, and fair, secure, and verifiable counts.

Our projects include:

  • Developing teaching materials that help citizens understand our election systems, and how to strategize effective voting advocacy.

  • Informing voters nationwide about issues like signature mis-matches on mail-in ballots, that can block their ballots from being counted. (We sent 37K postcards to Florida on the signature mis-match issue, in support of the Second Chances coalition, before this issue made the news!)

  • Via public records requests, obtaining state files of purged voters, processing these en masse through the USPS lookup tools, and collaborating with other orgs to text these voters prior to their registration deadlines.

  • Helping average citizens learn about, prioritize, and work on reforms like Automatic Voter Registration.

  • Promoting pro-voting policies at the federal, state, and county level, and helping to educate voters on pro-voting candidates.

  • Fighting attempts to restrict citizens’ eligibility and access.


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